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This website helps you convert units of measures such as inches into other well-known measures and vice versa. Currently, the online application supports calculations of five popular systems, one can make computations of values based on these systems. Below are the five systems and the various units measures supported.

  1. US Survey (The USA): League, Mile, Chain, (Stade and Furlong), Link, (Pole, Perch, Rod), Foot;
  2. International Nautical: Nautical Mile, Cable, Fathom;
  3. Astronomical: Parsec, Light-year, Light-day, Light-hour, Light-minute, Light-second, Astronomical unit;
  4. Metric System: Nanometer, Millimeter (Micron and Micrometer), Centimeter, Decimeter, Meter, Decameter, Hectometer, Kilometer, and;
  5. International System: Mile, Yard, Foot, Inch, Pica, Point.

This online calculator helps you make quick computations and alterations between the listed units of measures. Convert units of measures such as miles into feet or other units of measures and vice versa. When we try to purchase products on e-commerce stores, we come across different units of measures with sizes or lengths when placing an order on online stores. International stores expose one to products whose units of measurement often differs from a user’s native unit of measurement.

Trying to make purchases on online international markets increases the frequency of encountering multiple units of measures, as these sites have items with varying properties, dimensions, and characteristics. units of measures such as the Inch and Foot are common when placing orders on an item, few people can make quick conversions of these units of measurement into other units of measurement. Our online calculator ensures this isn’t a problem as it helps you make quick conversions between units of measures. Convert between different units of measurements such as distance, length, and size. For information on the designation of Inch and other facts visit the link-wiki inch.

Improvements on the online calculator are still ongoing, with designers looking to update new measures in astronomical, international, national, etc. Making Inch conversions has never been easier. An offline inch calculator that would support upload to both computers and smartphones is the next step. The online application is helpful to many and will provide you with accurate conversions and computations. Get free eBooks and Audiobooks.

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