163cm to inches

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So how tall is 163cm? If you look at a person that has about an inch taller and the height is still relatively small and slim, it could make you wonder. The answer is – it depends on how tall you are. People that are not even touching the ground or having a bit of a curve to their spine or body can end up being this height. But generally speaking you can be no more than a foot shorter than your actual height.

The only exception to this is if you have a growth spurt and you don’t hit your teens and then you don’t keep growing at the rate you should be going for a long time. It can take a while for your bone and tissue to return to normal after a growth spurt. So, if your bones and body continue to grow and change then you might still be 163cm in feet and inches. But if you do the math you will find that you really could be well over ten inches taller if you were to stand straight.

Height and Measurements There are two factors in relation to height and measurements. One is how much you weigh and the other is the length of your bones and tissue. In both cases you will be able to measure the actual length of your legs and feet. It is usually easy to check how much height you have if you are measuring your height to feet in inches and how far you are standing from the floor.